Jacob Banks

Jacob hails from Texas, where what they say is true, “everything is bigger.” He’s skinny, has adorable ears, perfectly coifed hair, and one of the biggest cocks to ever grace Guy Bone. This behemoth-dicked boy next door is one “big” addition to the site.

(EDITOR’S NOTE: ¬†You have to get his video and watch him blow his load all over his face!)

Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 6’0”
Dick Size: 9”
Dick: Cut
Position: Top
Body Type: Slim
Tattoos: No
Body Hair: None
Facial Hair: Scruff
Piercings: No


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Levi Michaels

Levi has been camming for a while with us, and after taking a look at how hungry this tall blonde adonis is for cock, we knew we had to get him to the Randy Blue studios ASAP. This sweet kid was super excited to be working with us. He was just disappointed that he had to do a solo and not go straight into getting fucked by one of our hot Randy Blue studs. I told him if he wanted, he could fuck himself with a dildo in his scene. His eyes lit up. I showed Levi our assortment of toys and asked him to pick out which one he wanted to use. Of course he picked the biggest one we had. I knew we were going to be in for a treat. He couldn’t wait to get started. He called me into the room and started stripping for me. Teasingly looking into camera, he made us beg for him to pull his cock out. Once that hard meat escaped his underwear, he started to stroke it up against the mirror. He decided to get more comfortable and began to beat his meat on the couch. But this was not enough. He looked at me and told me that he needed more. He pulled out the dildo and started to fuck himself on all fours. The huge dildo shoved all the way inside of him. Levi was in heaven. He then laid back with his ass straight in the air and began to fuck himself hard. The toy must have been hitting the right spot, because before we knew it, Levi exploded all over himself while the dildo was deep inside of him. He licked all the cum off of his fingers and smiled at the camera. This boy is ready for more. And we are going to give it him.




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Hunter brought with him quite a reputation along with his blond hair and blue eyes when he visited us up at the lake house. Hunter was 20 years old at the time when we caught him home from college for the summer. We managed to get him to stop fucking for a couple of hours so he could share his big ole country cock with our members.

Hunter is a solid stud standing 6′ tall with most of his 175 pounds coming from his enormous pole. We can see why all of the girls in Hunter’s town wanted to see his cock, our members can’t get enuff of it either.

Hunter came up to the Lake House in the middle of a hot Georgia summer. He has spent his entire life in the South so he has one of the thickest twangs of any of our Southern boys here at Southern Strokes.

Hunter slid off his jeans and boxers and grabbed his tool and started working it with long deliberate strokes followed by pauses where he would rub his thumb over his pre cum. Hunter spread his legs, revealing his hairy hole and then he opened up the nozzle to his hose and sprayed down his chest with a fountain of creamy cum.


Gage Anderson Busts A Nut

Gage Anderson is an 18 year old hottie from the Mid-Atlantic, with multiple interests and a rocking tight lean bod. Gage is somewhat quiet at first, very polite, and always interested in looking his best. Thankfully, as he undresses he keeps looking even better! From a nice six-pack, to strong legs and a rock hard cock, Gage is perfect from head to toe! Gage works it up sitting down, and it does not take him long. As he plays with his dick, Gage closes his eyes and begins audibly enjoying himself. Gage plays with his low hanging balls, too, and caresses around his sexy nipples. Eager to show off the whole thing, Gage hops on the bed and face down, he reveals a bubble butt that is out of this world! Gage plays around with his hole a little while he continues to stroke it, spreading his cheeks now and then to give us a taste of just how tight he must be. As he leisurely rolls over, he pounds his dick in his hands and works up for the finale. Gage writhes around on the bed some, and then his legs become tight and shaky, letting us know that he is almost ready to blow! A warm creamy load spurts out from the head of his dick all over himself. Hot guy!


Diego M

We can’t stop swooning over this 22 year old jock. True, Diego wears dental braces –like most Brazilians his age– but they don’t spoil his sexy, contagious smile. Everything about Diego deserves an A + : his statuesque body, his friendly attitude, his big uncut cock. So what if he’s straight and… taken?



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We filmed Alex up at the Lake House when he had just turned 18. We had just decided to launch Southern Strokes so I was after every hot southern stud that crossed my path. I was so surprised that Alex was all over doing a video for us pretty much without hesitation.

I remember meeting Alex at his house (where he still lived with his parents) in the middle of the day when I’m pretty sure he was supposed to be at school. Turns out that Alex was years ahead of his 18 and his confidence was hot.

I talk about Alex all the time and wonder what he is up to these days. He was really big on body building and when we met him he was bulking up for a competition. Nothing like having a stocky football player getting nekkid for you and jerking out a load.

This version of Alex includes new footage and high res photos discovered in our archives. I can see why Alex is a favorite as his pecs swell along with his cock and the rest of his body with each stroke. Alex gives us a thick thick creamy white load; my favorite.


Kevin Michaels

Kevin a country Ginger boy from Austin, Tx. He is 23 years old, gay stud standing 5’7″ tall with a nice slender frame and an ass that loves to be fucked.

I’ve been chatting with Kevin Michaels on twitter for what seems like ages and he’s been after me to get his ginger ass up to the Ranch. Kevin is country from the inside out and a Southern boy living in Austin, TX. Kevin and his hot ass living in the center of probably the hottest Southern boy and by the thousands.

Kevin and been wanting to do porn for ever but I think when it came time to really lay down some print, he was more nervous than he had expected. Don’t worry, that didn’t last for long; it was overtaken by the fact that this boy likes to be submissive and he was ready to do what I wanted.

Kevin told us about his latest fetish…it seems he’s got a little taste of some golden shower action and it made the boy thirsty for more. Kevin was hard at this point so, he pulled off jeans and got down to business on this cock.

Kevin gave us a nice look at his hole and so its no wonder that thing can wrap a cock like no other. Kevin stroked out a nice thick load of cum before he teased us with a little taste of what’s to cum.



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Rad Mathews

Rad Matthews is 6 feet tall, 145 pounds and has a 9′ monster of a cock. And today, this young twink is going to give you a show you’re sure to remember.

This cock filled scene starts out with Rad giving us a little insight into his life while smoking a cigarette before he strips down and strokes his massive cock to a creamy conclusion. This young guy sure has it all!